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Midvale, Ogden, Taylorsville
500 Gram Multi-shot Aerials 
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Say What???
​58 shot long duration over 75 seconds. Purple, green palm, white glitter, sky-blue, red, crackling, whistling, brocade crown, green glitter, red, green, blue, white glitter, silver chrysanthemum. Red, green, purple, lemon dahlia, white glitter, silver chrysanthemum.

Our Price: $52.99
Gorilla Warfare
The all time top selling cake! 30 rapid fire shots of blue mines to strobing red and white peonies. Absolute show stopper!

Our Price: $49.99

25 shots of: Gorgeous gold brocade mines up to gold brocade crown with pigeon blood red stars. Breathtaking. 

Our Price: $39.99
 Lock Down
​12 Shot - Red tail rising up to red and sea blue to purple and green peonies to red blue and white strobes with 3 shot finale.

Our Price: $24.99
Thrills & Chills

​24 Shot - Palm to red and green glitter; stars with silver glitter; 3 shots of time rain chrysanthemum with 3 shot finale. Very nice sky coverage with this cake!

Our Price: $48.99
24 shot This stunner features mines, brocade, glitter, crackle, and even some dragon eggs in shockingly vivid colors - red, purple, yellow, and gold.

Our Price: $32.99
Behind Enemy Lines
NEW 2019
​36 shots in an action packed barrage that fires big bursts of crimson, blue, and gold strobe; then sprays brilliant blue and lemon comets; followed by crackling mines to silver whistling; and a finale of purple, blue, and gold strobe with silver fish and blue falling leaves.

Our Price: $39.99
NEW 2019
50 shots of wow! Pioneers blazes it's own trail with red comet tails, brocades, assorted strobes, color palms, crackling waves, and silver spinning tails - it's an epic adventure lasting over 60 seconds

Our Price: $46.99
Platinum Crown
NEW 2019
Stunning 20 shot cake.  Features gold palm or silver wave w/colorful glittering, red strobe mine w/silver comet tail, blue tail to blue stars w/gold glittering, red or green wave w/crackling flower, crackling flower red strobe mine to color wave w/crackling flower.  

Our Price: $37.99
​NEW 2019
Amazing new finale repeater featuring golden Nishiki willows with sapphire blue stars. 24 shots in rapid succession paint the entire sky!

Our Price: $47.99