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Sandy, West Valley, Ogden,  Spanish Fork, Tooele
Captain Pyro
30 shots of power! Big green abd red peonies, followed by silver palms with green glitter, silver plams with red glitter, and repeat.  

Our Price: $32.99​
NEW 2018
​16 shot: of hard breaking huge sky-blue,red,& white strobe Peony Purple, green, & white strobe Peony; Sky-blue, lemon, & white strobe Peony; red, lemon, & white strobe Peony. VERY LOUD!!

Our Price: $37.99
NEW 2018
30 shot barrage cake that makes a huge statement. Purple, red, lemon, green, and orange peonies with long lasting white strobe glitter in fast sequesnced firing with a 5 shot finale.  

Our Price: $37.99
​NEW 2018
24 shots of crackling tails to blue and gold willows, silver palms with red stars, multicolored peonies with white glitter, silver palms with red and green tips, red and green dahlia with white strobe, and crackling brocade palm finale. 

Our Price: $39.99
​16 shot fan Blue star white glittering mine, red tip white glittering willow, red, blue, purple dahlia chrysanthemum, blue star mine to red blue chrysanthemum crackling ball 

Our Price: $26.99
15 shot fan Brocade crown mine, golden glitter sparkler mine, brocade crown, blue dahlia sparkler; silver wave, purple dahlia sparkler; red crackling chrysanthemum; green crackling chrysanthemum; blue crackling chrysanthemum.

Our Price: $26.99
Liberty Belle
NEW 2018
​20 shots. Each shot starts with silver spinner; red, skyblue and green glitter; gold willows with white glitter; willow with green glitter; willow with red, green and blue glitter; red, green and skyblue peony with dragon egg crackle. 

Our Price: $38.99
 Tongue Tied

​9 huge shots, silver glitter gold willow to red mine, brocade crown to red silver glitter pistil, silver glitter gold willow to green mine, brocade crown to green red glitter pistil, silver glitter gold willow to blue mine, brocade crown to blue time rain pistil.

Our Price: $43.99
 Grape Glitz
NEW 2018
7 shots of massive deep purple peonies with gold glitter. Truly awesome effect.  LOUD!!

Our Price: $30.99
 Double Vision
NEW 2018
16 shots of DOUBLE BREAKING shells with red and white glitter peonies, red white and blue peonies, brocade crown,dragon egg crackle, silver scrambling palms with red and green tips, purple peonies with green glitter and willows. Almost a full minute. 

Our Price: $37.99
Pyro World
NEW 2018
50 shots Zig Zag volleys of Red comet mines up to 1) brocade, red glitter and 2) purple, lemon and blue; 3) Fan volley of red comet mines up to red and blue stars with golden glitter; Rotating shots of 4) red, blue with white glitter; 5) Red, blue with green glitter; 6) Purple with blue with golden glitter; 7) Red, skyblue,lemon with white glitter; 8) Silver tourbillion to purple, green peony; Zig Zag volleys of red comet mines up to 9) Red, blue, green with golden glitter and 10) Purple, green and blue; Capped with a Finale barrage of 11) Silver tourbillion to golden wave and red stars with crackling. Lasts almost a minute and a half!

Our Price: $49.99
Evil Clown
9 massive shots of Purple, lemon, green, and sky blue glitter peonies LOUD!!

Our Price: $31.99
Sun Blaster
​NEW 2018
24 shots. Red, white, green, and blue peonies, gold and silver willows with white and red strobe, Gold crackling brocade with purple, green, and red strobe, crackling pistil. 

Our Price: $35.99
Final Hour
​NEW 2018
​16 shots, whistle mine w/green tail to golden willow & white glitter; Green tail to white glitter willow & red glitter; Green tail to brocade crown & green glitter; Green tail to green glitter willow & purple sparkler.

Our Price: $32.99
500 Gram Multi-shot Aerials 

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High Falutin
49 Shot - Multi-effect loud aerial repeater that lasts over one minute.
featuring great rising tails, and comets breaking into big palms and crackle with green, red, purple, gold, and silver

Our Price: $32.99​