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Midvale, Ogden, Taylorsville
Courtesy of the Red White & Blue
9 hard hitting shots. starts off with 6 shots of Red, white, and blue peonies followed by a 3 shot finale of silver palms with crackle. 

Our Price: $21.99
Breathing Fire
9 shots of alternating Gold brocade with white glitter and huge crackling Chrysanthemums 3 shot finale LOUD


Our Price: $21.99
Rifle Range Ahead
9 hard breaking shots. alternating Red, green, and purple palms with white glitter. LOUD.

Our Price: $21.99

Chasing Booty
24 shots of sky blue, red, white, green, gold and silver brocading bursts in the sky, the crackles and reports will delight all viewers. This will be the treasure of your show!

Our Price: $48.99
Dirty Little Secret
​24 shots Whirly dragon tails, vibrant multicolor, and glitter peonies, with falling leaves. This one s a real show stopper.

Our Price: $46.99
Grave Digger
The Grave Digger puts all the rest to shame! You can't find a better mix of colors and rapid-fire aerial effects than this beast. Thirty shots of Brocade mines with red, green, blue, and yellow tips to gold brocade with multicolored tips blast through the night sky

Our Price: $49.99

Honor & Glory
​13 shots of Big color with tiger tails comets, stars, falling leaves, glitter, peonies and chrysanthemum finish. Super impressive cake!

Our Price: $29.99

Watermelon Moonshine
7 Massive shots of Red and white strobe. This one is HUGE!! 

Our Price: $22.99
High Def
Stunning 16 shot cake. Massive breaks of delicate gold brocade with Red, white, and green strobes. 5 shots of red and white jellyfish spinners, and a huge finale!  

Our Price: $41.99
NEW 2019
16 shots, brocade mines with colored tips rise up to brocade willows with green, red, and blue stars. 2 shots at a time. 

Our Price: $22.99
Dark Horse
​All 9 Shot - Brocade crown with alternating Red, white, and blue strobes - Great value.

Our Price: $21.99
​10 Shot - Red comet tail to red/blue with white strobe red comet tail to red/blue with green strobe brocade crown tail to brocade crown with blue brocade.

Our Price: $24.99
Critical Mass
​12 Shot - Crackling tail rising up to red green silver coco and crackle with 3 shot finale.

Our Price: $25.99
Dark days
16 Shot - Beautiful silver glittering tail rising up to a red blue peonies and white crackling strobe. 3 shot finale

Our Price: $25.99
​NEW 2016
16 Shot - Blue tail rising up to a brocade crown and red green and blue peonies with 3 shot finale. All mega bursts.

Our Price: $25.99
500 Gram Multi-shot Aerials 
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