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Sandy, West Valley, Ogden,  Spanish Fork, Tooele
Mob Madness
NEW 2018
Set of 4 different 49 shot cakes. This is a complete show in a box! This assortment features crackling tails, comets, meteors, peonies, glitter, palms, chrysanthemums, and time rain crackle. One of the best sets we have ever carried!!

Our Price: $129.99
Four Kings
NEW 2018
4 Tremendous 12 shot 500 Gram cakes guaranteed to put the exclamation on your show! Each one is different featuring sky filling performance with Willows, Chrysanthemums, Peonies, Dahlias, and lots of Glitter and Bright Colors!  

Our Price: $99.99
A Huge assortment of top quality fountains. This is our largest Safe & sane assortment. Guaranteed to keep you going all night!

Our Price: $89.99
Rock Star
​Our best selling safe & sane assortment. this is a great value and filled with only the highest quality fountains and novelties for your families celebration. 

Our Price: $36.99
Dominator Back Pack

99-piece assortment containing 16 fountains, 50 bang snaps, 2 party poppers, 6 strobe pots, 12 sparklers, 6 crackling balls, 6 smoke balls and 1 tank. Plenty of fun for your kid!

Our Price: $17.99
The Wow Factor
All New for 2018!! Our largest Utah legal assortment. This monster features a selection of 19 aerial cakes, 9 large fountains, Crackling Balls, Smoke, Parachutes, Morning Glory Sparklers, Poppers, car novelties, and Ground Blooms. Plenty of stuff for even the biggest party!

Our Price: $149.99
Night Life
Our most popular Utah legal assortment filled with all the fountains, aerial cakes, and novelties you will need. 


Our Price: $58.99
 Wild Thing
This is a little bag of fun! lots of small aerial cakes, sparklers, fountains, and even some novelties to keep the kids and the kid at heart happy. 

Our Price: $19.99 
Our most popular item in the store. this is a show in a box consisting of all aerial cakes. 
15 different 200 gram cakes and 2 500 gram cakes, we guarantee you will come back for another one!


Our Price: $134.99
Rock the Block
This is the ULTIMATE aerial assortment! Guaranteed to make you the most envied person on the block. 
13, 200 Gram cakes, and 8, 500 Gram cakes!  OVER 300 SHOTS


Our Price: $299.99