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Sandy, West Valley, Ogden,  Spanish Fork, Tooele
Magic Door
Special Buy
Red, green and blue stars with golden and silver crackle; 2)Lemon and blue stars with pine needles; 3)Orange stars with pine needles; 4)Red stars with yellow crackle; 5)Multi-colored stars with crackle. Lasts 87 seconds

Our Price: $5.99
Show of Force
                                               NEW 2018
Colorful sparks, loud crackle, chrysanthemum flowers, and a fanned ending of silver crackling with a colorful spray

Our Price: $8.99
Heavy Metal

This new fountain is amazing Blue Ghost spheres followed by blue torch with titanium showers, then back to the blue ghost ball and finish with a blue torch finale.

Our Price: $10.99
Zen Masters
A perennial favorite. 6 pack of fountains each lasting over 3o seconds and featuring titanium crackle and colored beads. each fountain in the package is different. Great performers!

Our Price: $5.99
Mexican Jumping Beans
​A superb lava fountain.Very vivid beans in red, yellow, orange, blue and green fly through the air and land on the ground, spinning around in a shower of color..

Our Price: $5.99

The brightest colors you have ever seen, alternating red, green pink and blue ghost ball with titanium flower, with a multicolor finale. 

Our Price: $12.99
Waffle Cone
                                               NEW 2018​
Orange, blue and white cedar flower; red star, yellow star and titanium and yellow crackle; white chrysanthemum, orange s tar, green star, red green star with silver crackle; white cedar flower and yellow green stars with chrysanthemum and blue stars. 

Our Price: $13.99
Magic Dragon
                                              NEW 2018​
Colorful fish with gold chrysanthemum; red fish with chrysanthemum; gold fountain with red star; red fish sunflower; whistle.

Our Price: $7.99
Neon Reveal
NEW 2018
Silver glitter to blue ghost ball with silver fish to silver glitter to pink ghost ball with silver fish. 

Our Price: $6.99
Folds of Honor
Fantastic fountain featuring red flower, sky blue glitter, and white crackle . Best of all a portion of the cost of this fountain goes directly to the Folds of Honor Charity for the families of fallen and wounded soldiers. 

Our Price: $4.99
Crushing Candy
​Red dahlia, laser; yellow dahlia, white chrysanthemum; purple dahlia, silver crackle; red dahlia, green dahlia, long crackle. long lasting Fountain

Our Price: $8.99
Dante's Peak
Fantastic value fountain gold pine flower with green, gold pine flower with red, gold pine flower with green and yellow, cornflower with red, titanium crackle with red, titanium crackle with blue.

Our Price: $3.49
Cracker Barrel

This is the ultimate in crackle! Each piece lasts for over 90 seconds of constant crackle. Best of all it completely burns away so there is no cleanup!

​Pack of 4

Our Price: $3.99
 Haunted House

HAUNTED HOUSE draws you in with ghoulish gold pine needles, creepy colorful pearls, cackling golden crackle, and spooky silver strobe that shine through every window! For real, the whole house flashes.

Our Price: $18.99

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