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Sandy, West Valley, Ogden,  Spanish Fork, Tooele
NEW 2018
16 Shot - Blue tail rising up to a brocade crown and red green and blue peonies with 3 shot finale. All mega bursts.

Our Price: $23.99
Lock Down
NEW 2018
12 Shot - Red tail rising up to red and sea blue to purple and green peonies to red blue and white strobes with 3 shot finale.

Our Price: $21.99
NEW 2018
12 Shot - Blue tail rising up to gold willow brocade crown and silver chrysanthemum ending with 3 shots finale.

Our Price: $22.99
NEW 2018
12 shots of Brocade Crown, Red Sparkler, Green Sparkler, Blue Sparkler. Silver Time Rain.

Our Price: $19.99
Super Value 500 Gram Aerials

Courtesy of the Red White & Blue
​Red Dahlia Sparkler, Blue Dahlia Sparkler, White Glitter Sparkler. Brocade Crown, White Glitter Sparkler, Silver Chrysanthemum. 

Our Price: $21.99​
 Breathing Fire
9 shots of alternating gold willow with white glitter and Titanium crackle chrysanthemums

Our Price: $21.99
Rifle Range Ahead
9 shots of Red, Green, and Purple palms with white glitter strobe. LOUD!!

Our Price: $21.99
New 2018
11 powerful shots. silver tail to huge red, white, wnd blue strobe peonies, silver willow with blue stars, silver willow with white strobe. 

Our Price: $21.99
 Dark Days
​16 Shot - Beautiful silver glittering tail rising up to a red & blue peonies and white crackling strobe. 3 shot finale. 

Our Price: $23.99