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Midvale, Ogden, Taylorsville
Motor Mouth
NEW 2019
The classic zipper cake in a smaller size. Featuring bright colored comets with glittering tails sweeping back and forth across the sky. 96 shot

Our Price: $16.99
15 shots; shots​1-6 dark red/ skyblue sparkler+ white glitter, purple/skyblue sparkler+ green glitter; 7-10 blue sparkler mine, blue sparkler mine pistil+ silver fish mine, red glitter mine to red glitter+ silver fish; 11-15 whistling tail to golden time rain.

Our Price: $13.99
Crazy Coyote
NEW 2019
25 shots CRAZY COYOTE is as wacky mix of whistling tails to bright, multi-colored bursts. It's wild!

Our Price: $12.99
Neon Stars
NEW 2019
25 shots NEON STARS is a colorful neon extravaganza, folks! With an equally neon 5-shot finale with a bonus of delayed crackle!

Our Price: $15.99
NEW 2019
16 shots-This loyal warrior lights it up with comets, strobes, crackle, and flying fish. After all, it is a Spartan

Our Price: $7.99
Keep Calm Here is One More
30 shots Yup, another great cake - color star, color strobe, brocade crown, and golden willow ending with crackling flowers

Our Price: $13.99
Epic Force
Red and green spinning tails to silver strobe are followed by a fan of rapid fire white mine to lemon, green, purple, and red breaks.  And a finale of  blue tail to blue and gold crackling breaks.


Our Price: $17.99
Electric Rainbow
12 impressive shots of Neon Colored meteors rise up to crossettes every 4th shot is crackle.  

Our Price: $13.99
Death Ray
6 shots this is one bright cake – gold comets; red, green, and blue stars; and white strobe

Our Price: $6.99
Diamond Mine
24 shot delivers on sparkle - red, white, and green strobe leads to gold dahlia with red strobe and a white and red strobe finale. 

Our Price: $15.99
Mighty Minis
7 shot mighty little wonders. these pint sized cakes pack a huge punch. Each colored label is a different effect! I suggest you get them all!


Our Price: $2.69 
Zombie Prom
NEW 2019
9 shots of red, white, & blue palms, with  crackle light up the night sky from this value repeater.

Our Price: $3.99
NEW 2019
16 shots of white and purple strobe; red, green, and blue peonies; and brocade to delayed crackle. 


Our Price: $15.99
The Cowboy
25 shots of White Glitter Mine, Red Glitter Sparkler, Green Glitter Sparkler, White Glitter Sparkler.  

Our Price: $16.99
Rampage in the Sky
NEW 2019
16 shots- red tail goes up to break red peony with white strobe; green tail goes up to break green peony with white strobe; and recycle. last 4 shots a finale!

Our Price: $19.99
200 Gram Multi-shot Aerials 
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