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Midvale, Ogden, Taylorsville
Shark Bait
9 shots of multicolored flying fish

Our Price: $3.99
NEW 2019
19 shots of breaking class comets to red, white, gold, and blue glitter dahlia, 

Our Price: $15.99
Global Warning
7 Shots of red sparkler with white glitter. and small cherry.

Our Price: $2.69
Smiling Face
7 shot repeater with deep red and blue peony breaks, last shot with crackle. 

Our Price: $2.69
9 shots Lemon tail brocade, Red tail Red/Blue/White glitter, yellow tail to chrysanthemum. ​

Our Price: $5.99
NEW 2019
Red pearls and shimmery tails of fire will impress your entire audience when you light up this 25-shot stunner. It's 4-shot finale will seal the deal and make you glad you didn't pass this one up!

Our Price $11.99
NEW 2019
15 hard hitting shots Red green blue and gold glitter, yellow green purple and white glitter, red green blue chrysanthemum, purple green with crackling, brocade crown with red and green glitter.

Our Price: $14.99
Play Loud
NEW 2019
12 hard breaking shots of alternating red and green tipped palms, with a 2 shot crackling chrysanthemum finale

Our Price: $12.99
That's Your Problem
7 shots. Silver spinner with loud whistle to alternating red and white breaks with dragons egg crackle. 

Our Price: $6.99
Color Me Pink
16 hard hitting shots of neon pink meteor up to neon pink peonies. 

Our Price: $14.99
Color Me Purple
16 shot - featuring neon purple meteors up to hard hitting neon purple peonies!

Our Price: $14.99
Dime Bag
NEW 2019
10 shots of surprising power come from this little package. featuring palms, peonies, and dahlias, in green, red,  blue lemon, purple, white glitter, crackle, and gold. So good you may need more than just one!!

Our Price: $5.99
Freak Show
NEW 2019
A hard breaking 200 gram cake, Featuring 22 shots of red, green, yellow, and purple palms, with alternating white and gold strobe. 4 shot crackling finale. This cake is sure to impress!

Our Price: $9.99
Reaper Drone
NEW 2019
19 shots swoops in with gold wave and red white and green strobe breaks. It's an impressive 200-gram by any standard!
​It Hits Like a 500 Gram!!

Our Price: $17.99
8-shot 200-gram multi-shot that features tourbillion tails, willows, and delayed crackle Very Cool!

Our Price: $7.99
200 Gram Multi-shot Aerials 
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